List of Speakers

Speaker Presentation

Apostolopoulos Dimitris J.

Prof. of Nuclear Medicine

University of Patras, Greece

Radionuclide Treatment in Osseous Metastases

Dr. J. Bomanji

Institute of Nuclear Medicine, UCLH NHS Foundation Trust

London NW1 2BU

Pet CT Imaging in Infection and Inflammation

Georgiopoulos Ioannis

MD Athens - Greece

Clinical Dilemmas in Prostate Cancer

Gerasimou George P. MD, PhD

Clinical Director NuclMed Clinical Institute of Nuclear Medicine AHEPA University Hospital - Thessaloniki, Macedonia, Greece

Brain Imaging of Movement Disorders

Gulliver Nick

Chief Clinical Technologist

Department of Nuclear Medicine & PET-CT,

King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, London, UK

Fundamentals of Nuclear Medicine
Brain Imaging

Gulliver Nick

King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust,

London, United Kingdom

Costa Pedro F.

Oldenburg University, Germany

What are the Required Skills for the Contemporary NMT?

Kostadinova Irena

Sofia, Bulgaria

The Role of Contemporary Imaging and Hybrid Methods in the Diagnosis of Cutaneous Malignant Melanoma(Cmm) and Merkel Cell Carcinoma (Mcc)

Koukouraki Sophia I.

Assoc. Professor

Department of Nuclear Medicine

Medicine School, University of Crete

Radionuclide Detection of Sentinel Lymph Node

Pagani Marco

MD PH.D. Senior Researcher

Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies,

Italian Research Council,Rome,Italy

Imaging Neurodegeneration: From Metabolic Patterns to Individual Diagnosis

Frédéric Paycha, MD

Department of Nuclear Medicine Hospital Lariboisière

Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Paris France

Bone Hybrid (SPECT/CT) Imaging

Tsiouris Spyridon

Consultant in Nuclear Medicine

University Hospital of Ioannina, Greece

Basic Principles of Brain Tumor Imaging by