Welcome Message


Dear Colleagues and Friends,


It is my pleasure to invite you to the 5th Balkan Congress of Nuclear Medicine, which will be jointly held with the 13nth National Congress of Nuclear Medicine, with subject


“Nuclear Medicine becomes more individualized”


The basic goal of the Congresses is to update about the developments in the field of nuclear medicine and to exchange opinions in topics concerning the diagnostic and therapeutic applications of radioisotopes. Entering the era of personalized medicine, molecular imaging lays the foundations so as to play a critical role in the upcoming advances. New radiopharmaceuticals, new hybrid imaging technologies, new therapeutic strategies and “in vivo” presence at medical decisions constitute the current reality and the future potentiality of nuclear medicine.


At the Congresses there will be lectures by distinguished speakers, with extensive research, authoring work and active participation in medical events at their countries. In addition, there will be an update on the current guidelines, as well as interactive communication between medical specialties - neighbouring and non - neighbouring. Nuclear Medicine increasingly expands its therapeutic and diagnostic abilities.    


The Congresses will take place in Thessaloniki, June 17-20 2016 in “Makedonia Palace”. Thessaloniki is the largest city in Northern Greece and is considered the cultural capital of the country. Founded around 315 BC by general Kassandros in order to honour his wife, princess Thessaloniki. The city became an important metropolitan center in Roman times and continued to grow to become one of the largest and richest cities of the Byzantine Empire. Thessaloniki, an UNESCO World Heritage Site, with many Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman and Jewish monuments.


It will be an honour for me to welcome your active presence at the Congresses, your participation and your contribution in nuclear medicine and medical advances.


We are waiting for you all!


Sincerely yours,


Vassilios Prassopoulos

President of 5th BCNM 2016 and 13nth NCNM 2016

Nuclear Medicine Physichian,
Director of Nuclear Medicine & PET/CT